Saturday, March 14, 2009

Alive Again

This flu bug is horrible. I have been fighting this stuff for almost a month. But, at last, I think I'm feeling better. I certainly hope this stuff is gone because I have lots of things on my list of "to do projects." I got up this morning to start that list. However, I decided to take my cup of coffee to the deck and enjoy the fresh air. Well, to my amazement, the birds are building nests and the buds of the trees and flowers are emerging from the days of dark winter. So, I decided to have another cup of coffee and just observe the wildlife in the yard. We have little sparrows building in two birdhouses on the deck and another pair in a birdhouse in the yard. These little guys have worked so hard gathering sticks, twigs and pine needles. They have made a hundred trips back and forth to their new homes. It is so relaxing just watching these little guys. I placed a dish of food close to each birdhouse, so they don't have to travel so far for food. I'm sure the little guys must be worn out from all the flying, fetching and building.

Well, I guess I better get up from my National Geographic morning and get to the "to do" list. Somehow, cleaning, laundry and working on a baby shower is not quite as exciting or relaxing as watching the little families make their new homes in the backyard. But, after a month, my house needs an overhaul. So, I'm back to my "to do" list.

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The Grandbabies and their parents

The Grandbabies and their parents
Our dear son and family